What Is Felt




What Is Felt?


 Felt is believed to be the first fabrics created by early man, a bridge between animal pelts and woven or knitted fabrics. One intriguing aspect of the medium is how the wool fibers change as they are worked, from soft and fluffy wool roving to a strong and durable matted fabric.

Felt is loose wool or other animal fiber that is made into a textile with a haphazard fiber structure by using a combination of pressure, agitation, water, soap, heat and needles resulting in a matted non-woven textile.

Nuno-felt (laminated felt) is wool or other animal fiber enmeshed or embedded into non-haphazard textile (such as woven, crocheted, knotted or knitted silk, cotton, rayon, or wool) using the wet felting process.

Needle felting is a technique which uses barbed needles to entangle loose wool or animal fiber into a cohesive textile structure.