The summer of 2017 included a two week stay at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts where I studied fiber techniques with artist and social justice powerhouse, Tanya Aguiniga. It was a magical time with a creative cohort on a beautiful island in Maine. We learned new techniques each day that were then translated into samples and experimentation. The creative time prompted endless discoveries and questions.

The paper making studio was next to ours, where Jocelyn Chateauvert instructed her group of students in the seductive properties of over-beaten abaca paper. In an act of reciprocity we traded some of our fiber materials for a bucket of abaca pulp. I was hooked and upon returning home began learning to beat my own pulp to use with my fiber constructions. Circuits is a curation of six months of experimentation in working with rope, felt, leather and paper pulp. The wall was arranged for Art-A-Whirl, 2018.

All images by Jerry Mathiason