My mother spent all but the last four years of her life in Dunkirk, NY, my home town. In 2015 I moved her to a memory care facility near my home. It was a difficult transition for both of us and took months for us to find a balance. My creative energy was going to her care and well being and all the other obligations life presents.

Over the years I had been gifted bins of sheared wool. With no end product in mind I began felting the various wool  into sheets and shapes adding fabrics and yarn when I had time in the studio. At home I had taught myself to crochet and began experimenting with forms. Eventually these two meditative habits came together into a body this body of work, Lost/Found which included found objects such as gloves, gourds, bones, leather, plastic and metal. It is also an expression of the loss of my mother’s cognitive and physical abilities as well as the loss I was experiencing as she slipped away. What we both found over that time was a joy and shared forgiveness for our past transgressions.


All images by Jerry Mathiason