In 2016 I attended the Women’s Art Institute which provided a safe environment to explore ideas intuitively without restrictions. The experience changed how I approach my art by unleashing from within me work of such relevance it was both frightening and exhilarating. Hence the theme Irreproachable emerged. Rooted in sexual abuse I suffered as a teen by a teacher, the theme centers on what we as humans have influence over and what is out of our control. The molestations affected every aspect of my life and through counseling I am a survivor. This body of work has helped me find my true voice as an artist and further heal. The art shown in my studio for Art-a-Whirl 2017 was the most powerful and meaningful work I have created thus far. Surprisingly, by sharing my story publicly through my art, strangers intimately and unexpectedly divulged their stories of abuse to me. Speaking my truth gave voice to others and this current work helps manifest what comes next. The power of these conversations have stayed with me and fueled a vision exhibited at the Redepenning Gallery at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, November, 2018.