Sorrow: Sad Bags

In  the Spring of 2015 I moved my mother from Western New York State to Minneapolis. Over the past few years I have witnessed first hand the gradual decline of my mother, Anna’s cognitive and physical abilities. Having her so near for the first time in my adult life, I have had the opportunity to finally understand the fears and anxiety that engulfed her over a life time and made her the angry and depressed mother I knew and resented. Her untreated affliction left an indelible mark on me and our family.

Sorrow: Sad Bags is in response to the grief she carried throughout her life, how it influenced who she was as a mother and the profound affect it had on me and our family. Our time spent together at the end of Anna’s long life has given us the closeness and ease for her to share stories I have never heard. Though I will never know the difference between the truth and her creations due to her dementia, I cherish this time together as it has provided a chance for forgiveness and healing for both of us. It is seen here as an installation at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts, Fridley, MN.